In praise of potatoes

Take the lowly, yet mighty, potato. Potatoes can be healthy vegetables, provided you don’t prepare them with butter, cheese, sour cream or other fats. They have Vitamin C and fiber, protein and many trace minerals. In case you wondered, you could actually survive on potatoes and dairy products for a week or two.  

Simple Microwaved Garlic Potatoes

This recipe invites additions, including proteins, as well as being a great side. And whatever potatoes are left from your initial experience with this approach can be used in soup or as the beginning for a hash or frittata.


1-3 medium waxy potatoes, scrubbed but not peeled, cut in 2” cubes. You can use Yellow Finn, Fingerlings or other non-baking potato (in other words, don’t use Russet).

2 T. olive oil – you can use herb-flavored oil if you have some.   

6-8 cloves of peeled garlic (I use a whole packet of TJ’s peeled garlic)


Combine ingredients in microwavable baking dish and cover with wax paper, a silicon or other top that lets some steam out.

Microwave for 3 minutes. Stir and microwave another 2-3 minutes, testing for doneness.


When adding other ingredients, keep covered lightly with wax paper or parchment. Cook for another 2-3 minutes and test for being done and hot.

1-2 oz grated cheese

1 cup cooked vegetables or small frozen vegetables such as peas, chopped spinach, shelled edamame, frozen mushrooms

2 eggs – Break the eggs on top of the potatoes. Prick the yolk with the point of a sharp knife.

½ lb. mild fish – Cod, flounder, snapper, etc.

Left-over cooked meat – Chicken, turkey, sausage or bacon

My favorite guilty pleasure with this recipe is to add frozen peas and grated cheese – TJ’s Unexpected Cheddar is my favorite – and heat until the cheese melts. Then I add a big scoop of Mild Indian Lime Pickle and mix it all together. It’s not for everybody, but if you like a lot of flavor, give it a try!