The Art of Curating Our Spaces

Designing Our Personal Styles
by Brandon Whittaker, Creative Director, Space Creative 

Design is something that we hold very different ideas around when it comes to our homes.

Over the course of our lives, we accumulate treasures we hold most dear to our hearts, but then something happens to many of us that dims the light of the items we once found so much pleasure in.

It’s called unnecessary clutter. We store things away behind the forgotten darkness of closet doors, drawers and decorative boxes.

But, what if we could be surrounded by the beautiful things we love most and also find clarity, calm and sanctuary year-round within our dwellings? We can accomplish this through various methods, the ultimate fix being discovering the life-changing art of curating our spaces in a way which allows them to tell the story of who we are.

It’s a matter of interest. The art of curating our spaces to reflect the things we love most in a thoughtful, storytelling like manner is something that every person can have. It’s not a matter of wealth, but rather a practiced discipline of asking ourselves, Do I love it? Will I love this a year from now? …and, Why am I buying this? What is my interest in this single item?

The power of editing our spaces in a curated manner is nothing to be scoffed at, nor is the power of hiring a skilled design professional. We can better our well-being by getting rid of the physical and visual clutter we so often overlook. Keep, store and donate are the three key elements of having a thoughtfully curated space.

In the end, we all have a personal style. For those of us who want to experience walls that tell a story, it’s nothing more than a simple practice and discipline in the way we consume.

Finding beauty within the confines of our walls doesn’t have to be overwhelming if we’re open to taking a closer look inward.

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