An Abundance of Apples

Fall in the Northwest means harvesting the amazing array of apples grown in our region. Both new and newly discovered heirloom varieties offer us a wide range of apples to use in everything from appetizers to desserts.

With so many to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics, it can be fun to experiment and try out different ones in a variety of recipes. I offer a few specific approaches below as well as the general category for you to research and try. Definitely surf the internet to see the wide variety of recipes for everything I mention below. Who knew how many recipes there are for Apple Ketchup?

Many people have family recipes using apples. It’s a good way to connect with relatives about recipes and remember the occasions where they graced a holiday table. 


  • Apple tart – Spread tart shells with grated or creamy cheese of your choice, arrange apple slices on top and bake until cheese melts and apples are browned.
  • Apple and cheese spread – Choose two or three varieties and surround with both hard, sharp cheeses and creamy, rich ones. Any kind of charcuterie – salamis, ham, or other meats – wrap happily around apples slices.  A bowl of mixed nuts goes with all of them.


  • Add diced apples to pureed soups that have squash, pumpkin, potato or onions bases. The apple will add sweet and tart notes. 


  • Apples add tang and depth to dishes using chicken or pork.
  • Apples pair well in baked or sautéed dishes that have onions and potatoes, both white and sweet, and, of course, cabbage!


  • Add apple chunks to green salads, along with nuts, dried fruit, and grated sharp cheese. Toss with balsamic dressing.
  • Layer green apple slices with thinly sliced green onions and thinly sliced fennel. Dress with lemon-based dressing.

Sides and condiments

  • Apple sauce
  • Apple chutney
  • Apple ketchup


  • Pies. Tarts. Crumbles. Crisps. Of course!

Remember, an apple a day…