2022 Learning from Each Other

We believe that along with aging can come wisdom of many kinds. For our 2022 essays, we invited contributors to tap into the lessons and the resources related to the wisdom that they have developed, gleaned or learned through experience, blending information and personal story in ways we hope you find helpful. 

Are you ready?
Laurie Adams’ essay provides a map of what you need to gather so that those who care for you know what you want as you age. From dealing with your assets to your decisions about health care, following her guidance is a great way to start the New Year.

What do birthdays mean to you?
Dori Gillam’s entry into her seventh decade is an opportunity to reflect on her life. As always, she sees things through laugh-filled and mainly rosy lenses.

Trading up: From a Vocation to my Avocation
Michael Patterson with Roger Anunsen, cofounders and directors of MindRamp Consulting, highlight the value of having a post-career avocation that is “a deep and passionate engagement in an activity,” as well as the importance of finding others who share your passion and bring their own gifts to a partnership.

Who am I?
Leah Vetter shares some of her experiences of moving to a senior community after illness – and her children – compelled her to move out of her own home.

Rebecca Crichton’s tribute to her dear friend Leah Vetter also comes with valuable insights for all of us on how we can support another through their dying process.

The Benefits to Seniors of Having a Pet
For many seniors, owning a pet can make a big difference in their quality of life. Johny Kershaws shares his personal experience as well as some general information about these benefits.

Just say Yes!
Inspired by some challenging events in her own life, Rebecca Crichton looks at the circle of giving and receiving support.

I don’t know
Rebecca Crichton shares a practice to stretch her – and our – capacity for interaction and learning.

I’m 60 and out of the workforce: Can I ever go back?
Marilyn Spotswood lets us in on the doubts and the questions that led her to accept her position as director of Lifelong Learning Center.

Is Now the Time to Move to Care for a Senior Loved One?
Many people ultimately choose to step into the role of family caregiver, but figuring out exactly when they should take on that responsibility isn’t always easy. Janet Campbell offers some guidance on how to approach this important decision.

Getting Through the Holidays
Rebecca Crichton’s experience as a facilitator of grief groups taught her valuable lessons about how to support people — during the holidays and at any time of year — as they navigate loss.

Stuff — Our Complicated Relationship with It
Dana Gaskin Wenig reflects on her unique childhood and its impact on her evolving relationship with stuff and its role in her creativity.